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  • Book Name: Pages From The Diary Of a Journalist
  • Author Name: N R Smith
  • ISBN Code: 978-93-90719-78-5
  • Publish Date: 2022-03-07

This book is the recounting of the experiences of a journalist, who saw, met or talked to some of the great leaders who dominated the Indian political scene from the 1960’s till well into the 21st century.It is also about the visit of world leaders and personalities to the capital city of the Mughals and that great showpiece of Mughal architecture, the Taj Mahal. These VIP’s include President Eisenhower of the USA; Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and his wife Princess Diana, all of the UK ; Prince Akhito and Princess Michiko of Japan; King Hussein of Jordon; Queen Farah of Iran and Jacqueline Kennedy, when First Lady of the USA. The book also tells the reader about the dacoits of the Chambal valley,the social spectrum of the city in which we see the prostitute village of Basai, the Gandhigram Kushtashram, the Mother Teresa homes,the widows home opened by a German widow of Agra, the Mental Asylum and other social care institutions. Also included are the cultural extravaganzas presented in Agra and Vrindavan, including the Swami Haridas Music Festival,the Film Stars Night in 1963,Yanni’s Freedom Concert and the Taj Mahotsava. Also given are some famous court cases,like the Kamath Murder Case of 1958;the wars with China and Pakistan, the major road and rail accidents in and around Agra; the trade and industry of the city and the large number of national and international conferences the author attended over a period of over fifty years. The first chapter tells the reader about the work, status and responsibilities of a journalist, while the last three chapters take up the work of journalist organisations vis-à-vis journalists, the gain of the author from his work as a journalist and the journalists of Agra he knew from 1949 to 2014. Written in an easy, flowing style by one who taught English language and literature to degree and postgraduate students for decades, the book makes interesting reading.

N R Smith (Neville Reginald Smith, to use his full name) has been a known figure in Agra journalism for the last more than fifty years. Born in Agra on September 6,1939, he is the son of Thomas Smith (1910-1995),known as ‘Papa of the scribes’ in the Agra region, and younger brother of R V Smith, the famous‘chronicler of Delhi’ and former News Editor of The Statesman, Delhi. He got his school education in St Peter’s College, Agra and college education in St John’s College, Agra. He got his M A and PhD degrees in English and worked as a Professor of English for 37 years, retiring as Head of the Department in 2000. His journalistic career began in 1962, when he was appointed Agra correspondent of The Statesman, which post he held till 2004,when he voluntarily gave it up. He also worked for the Press Trust of India on behalf of his father from 1959 to 1995 and in his own name from 1995 to 2014,when he gave up active journalism on his own accord. During his long journalistic career of 55 years he covered crime, legal cases, political and cultural events, sports activities, conferences, VIP visits to Agra, trade and industry and everything else that made news. He also wrote several hundred articles on political, social, economic and cultural subjects, which were published. He now lives in retirement in Saharanpur, with his daughter, Dr Abhilasha Smith, who is Assistant Professor of Paediatrics in the Government Medical College there. His wife, Dr Anugrah Smith, died two years ago, while his younger daughter, Anamika, passed away in 2003.

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