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  • Book Name: Plant Science Today & Tomorrow
  • Author Name: Dr. Arpita Chatterjee & Dr. swapan Mandal
  • ISBN Code: 978-93-90719-89-1
  • Publish Date: 2022-03-16

Plant science is a vast arena in the sphere of life science dealing with many facets of traditional and modern biology. The subject encompasses botany and allied subject matters including taxonomy, phycology, mycology, pathology, microbiology, genetics, pharmacology, paleo studies, ethnobotany, ecology, anatomy, physiology as different diversified braches. Beside these traditional subjects modern research includes biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, nanotechnology, herbal drugs, etc. Though majority of the research and studies of the plant science focus on the land plant, but the economic importance of plant species present in waterbodies cannot be neglected due to the huge growing demands and necessity as well. Moreover, air born microbes are also significant as potential pathogens of different diseases. From the beginning of the twenty‐first century, it has become evident that the environmental issues are posing threat to mankind, mainly due to loss of forest plants. This also results in the biodiversity loss in a broad sense. This book is an effort to cover many modern aspects of plant science as many as possible, in the light of recent trends of researches. Here, the authors expressed their views in different corners of plant science and focused on the recent researches going on in this direction. We hope this book will be helpful for the readers to generate knowledge in the subject area.

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