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33 Wisdom Steps For Ideal Parenting

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  • Book Name: Simply Kidding
  • Author Name: Hemanth Kumar Makkena
  • ISBN Code: 978-93-90719-54-9
  • Publish Date: 2022-02-22

Having a partner for life, particularly a suitable one and entering into the wedlock falls next in the list of goals, once the confidence is gained to begin a family life with the achievement of anticipated success by stepping into professional life. The excitement, curiosity and the suspense filled marriage gets over, accompanied by all the pomp and splendor of the bride and the groom. The next much awaited addition is of the womb and that is considered one of the greatest blessings, the fruit that makes the woman a grapevine, flourishing and filling all over. But this next gift, the most desired blessing comes with life’s real challenges of parenting, testing all the intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, patience, experience, techniques, tactics, powers, senses, sources and various worlds of the parents. Millions of families, billions of individuals released very hot air while sharing their pain of being a parent to unruly, disobedient, rebellious, arrogant, harsh, rude, heartless children. Coming across many people personally, who developed several sicknesses and weaknesses like high and low blood pressures, heartaches, traumas, depressions, short tempers etc., the author felt the need to address this issue from the roots and presents systematic parenting with 33 wisdom steps for ideal parenting called SIMPLY KIDDING. This, the first volume is basically a preventive type rather than cure. It deals with premarital stage to parenting adolescents ages. The next volume, second will be a cure, counselling and therapy oriented. The author has also penned two more books on life and its challenges. Following them will lead to the world of happiness and controller of all human inner and outer powers. These books providing full understanding of self and others have already hit the stores, A LENS THAT ZOOMS THE HAPPY WORLD, Volume 1 and MASTERING MYSELF.

About The Author (A Lens That Zooms The Happy World) The Author Is A Think Tank, Keen Observer, Researcher, Learner, Passionate Explorer Of Happy, Peaceful And Joyous Life, Who Loves To Add Colors, Bright And Beautiful, Not Just For Self But For All, And Also Strives To Be The Light House For Every Life That Longs, Struggles To Reach The Happy Shores And Find Meaning For Life. He Spends Most Of His Time In The Study Of Human Mind, Behavior, Psychology And Entire Development. Several Questions About Life Made Him Restless And Compelled To Find It’s True Meaning And Peace, For Which The Entire Human Race Longs. But Sadly, Even After Spending Several Thousands And Millions, Mankind Still Has No Clue How It Looks, Where It Is And How To Trace It. In One Such Quest And Pursuit To Find Salvation, He Moved Into Spiritual Realms And Successfully Having Encountered The Divine One, Decided To Say Good Bye To His Secular Profession And Life; And Thus Moved Away To Meditate On To Attain Sainthood. His Education And Professional Life Before Becoming Teacher Of Life Lessons And Motivational Speaker Was Very Bright And Most Successful Too. Obtained Diploma In Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Worked For Brief Period In The Hotel And Hospitality Industry And Finally Before Quitting This Field He Had The Privilege To Be The Principal Of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Institute. Simultaneously, While Giving His Services To The Society, He Got A Master’s Degree In Divinity Studies. He Is A Volunteer Counselor, Family Advisor, Who Selflessly And Dedicatedly Works For The Welfare Of The Mankind And Also A Priest Over A Christian Congregation. Hemanth Kumar Makkena DHMCT, M.Div.

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