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Category : Non-Fiction

Insights into Self-improvement and Personal Growth

Rs. 180

SKU : BOOK20IP0081

Pages : 98

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  • Book Name: No More.....Lurking Thoughts
  • Author Name: Aarti Jain Sahai
  • ISBN Code: 978-81-945564-9-7
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-18

The book brings forth the concept of Self- improvement and personal growth. It is a SELF-HELP BOOK.

Aarti, has been brought up in the cross-faith family with difficult young years. Her mother was her support and guiding angel but after her loss, she was left with two younger sisters and one elder sister. She became a sharp observer and saw life with an open outlook. She is the author of the book already published and titled 'Guding Stars: glimpse of a girl's mind' and she has become a published author by now.

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