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  • Book Name: WHAT!
  • Author Name: Santiyagu A
  • ISBN Code: 978-93-90636-06-8
  • Publish Date: 2021-03-09

The philosopher Socrates says that “know thyself”. This is important for all of us to know ourselves. We have many technologies to assist us, to know and learn from and about the universe but to know and awake our Self depends on us. If we know and awake our Self we will know the certainty of nature, world, and our mere life and it will give us peace both in body and mind.

Santiyagu A, a growing writer, hailing from South India and aspiring to be a missionary in the Catholic Church, has presented poems and writings in School, College and World Tamil Sangam levels. He gathered knowledge from Philosophy, Theology, Field experience and Engineering. He is the author of ‘I am for you, you are for whom?’, ‘Nan Unakaga Nee Yarukaga’, ‘Karupu Nilla’, ‘Thirudiya Manam’, and ‘Jannali Thira Katru Varatum, Manathai Thira Thooya Avaiyar Varatum’. At present, he is pursuing higher studies in St. Joseph University, Nagaland.

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